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Welcome to Manav Charities

Manav Charities is a registered NGO working in the field of socio-economic and educational development in order to uplift downtrodden people. Manav Charities started in the year 1999, working towards in the area of Education, Health and Community Services.
Our Objectives
  • To build a society where dignity, justice and equity rule.
  • To address the problems faced by the destitute; especially women and children.
  • To provide basic services to everyone, with a focus on Education and Health.
  • To empower individuals through vocational training and Self-Help Groups.
  • To empower and enrich the lives of differently abled.

What We Do

Why Choose Us

Most Trusted

Manav Charities Is Committed To High Standards Of Accountability And Transparency.

Our Experience

The Way You Get Meaning Into Your Life Is To Devote Yourself To Loving Others and care others.

Guaranteed Results

Manav Charities Beliefs In Constructive Results Oriented Programs With Proper Planning.

No Goal Requirement

The Life Of A Man Consists In Active Charity And In Willing Service, love others and care others.

What Our Donators Say

“Manav Charities Beliefs In Constructive Results Oriented Programs With Proper Planning,Ground Reality To Get Guaranteed Results.”

- Mr. Naveen Joseph

Manav Charities

Help Us To Help Others


Manav Home For Children

Caring And Protecting Vulnerable Children.Manav Home For Children Is Registered Under Provisions Of Sections (41)1 Of The Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 As Child Care Institution. We Provide Free Education, Shelter And Clothing For The Children.

Manav Residential & Special School

This is an integrated approach to provide basic services to the children with special needs in the age group of 5- 18 + years and improve function in all areas of child development. We practice of educating students.

Manav Remedial And Counselling Centre

We Provide scientifically designed remedial intervention that has scholastic issues, Career Guidance, Career Counseling, Adolescent and Family Counseling. Assessment, Counseling and Remedial centre.

Self Enhancement Course

Our commitment is to entitle children to become a catalyst in transforming lives by developing life skills to build better future with focus and a determined goal. This helps to build their self-confidence and to understand their abilities.

Government School Adoption Program

We provide yearly Uniforms, Notebooks, Shoes and Socks. Our purpose is to fulfill the educational needs and to improve the quality of education of the poor and under-privileged children.

The Best Experience Ever

Our Achievements

Adopted 60 government schools from Bangalore, Bijapur, Belgaum and Dharwad.
Covered around 9000 children providing free educational kit.
Nutritious Meal-supplement to more than 63,000 under privileged children living in Bangalore at different locations benefited from this program.
Nearly 344 Men & Women have benefited in our monthly Cancer Awareness Camps Organized with the support of Karnataka Cancer Society.
In coordination with Karnataka Marwari Samaj, conducting every year Eye Check-up Camps in Bangalore, both in rural and urban districts and till now more than 2500 men and women from poor and underprivileged backgrounds benefited of these camps. 60 patients had been operated and nearly 750 were provided with spectacles. Around 800 patients were checked up and treated.
Manav Charities has been conducting programs like Earth day, Environment day every year by planting plants in different places in the Project area. So far nearly 20000 plants have been planted by the Organization.
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